23 March 2018 - LTP Opens
14 - 28 April 2018 - Hearings around the District - View dates, times and places here
4 May 2018 - Community Consultation Closes 
May - June 2018 - Decision time
30 June 2018 - Adoption of our long term plan

Role of Creative Bay Of Plenty

Historically there has been some confusion around the role and purpose of CBOP. We do not deliver arts and culture – that is the role of organisations like The Incubator, Western Bay Museum, Creative Te Puke, Drama and Music Theatres, professional and amateur visual arts groups and a host of other creative entities.

Our job is to knit these organisations together, to advocate, to support, to foster and to grow.  

Why? Because Art Matters!   

Because arts and culture matters. Arts and culture is the lifeblood of our community. To be creative helps us be more like ourselves, and less like everybody else.

At Creative Bay of Plenty, we have actively engaged with the process to identify an arts and culture strategy for the sub region and now we are ready to get to work and see the implementation plan actioned. To do this we have requested funding through the Long Term Plan as follows:

  1. We are asking for an increase in annual base funding for CBOP
  2. We are asking for three years’ worth funding to deliver on five actions identified in the Arts Strategy, with three actions absorbed into our Business As Usual (BAU) activities

Five actions we are requesting funding for:

Action 1: Map investment in children participating in art programmes

      Why - To understand current engagement, so we can support future needs of youth in arts & culture

Action 2: Develop mechanisms for increasing Māori participation in arts and culture

      Why -  To increase visibility, engagement and partnerships with Māori artists and organisations which supports inclusion and                       well-being

Action 3: Media advocacy on the inherent value of Māori art, culture and language

      Why - To promote the value of Māori arts and culture as a key driver of social and economic development for our region

Action 4: Monitor and report on the A&C Implementation plan

      Why - To ensure we don’t pay lip service to our strategy. Sharing action and progress means accountability and momentum

Action 5: Development of investment framework for creative sector

      Why - To understand current regional investment against the national average to ensure future sustainability

The CUSP acronym describes our purpose:

We connect creatives to organisations, people to projects and events to audiences

We provide, or can direct you to, workshops that build your business capability for a more sustainable sector

We support our creative ecosystem to deliver the arts and culture strategy. We also support creatives through funding administration, advice and act as a sounding board for new ideas or roadblocks

We share your stories, events and initiatives so that more people get to participate in arts and culture every day

This is the framework that guides our business as usual activity at CBOP. The CUSP acronym clearly defines the areas in which we influence and support the creative sector in the Bay of Plenty.

Arts & Culture Strategy 

Every A&C strategy out there refers to a lead agency or body that is responsible for overseeing delivery. For Western Bay of Plenty, that is Creative Bay of Plenty.  We have changed our name from Creative Tauranga to Creative BOP last year to more accurately reflect the region we are serving, and both Councils that support us. Through the strategy we have officially been recognised as a key player in shaping the future of our creative community by leading a quarter of all proposed actions, and being a support partner in many others.

Simply put, we believe that the adoption of this strategy and its adequate resourcing are a turning point for the Western Bay District.

We want.... 

We want arts and culture imprinted on our landscape. We want the arts to enrich the life of our community in ways nothing else can.

We want to drive everyday spontaneous encounters with the creative spirit in our District, on street corners in Te Puke, Katikati and Waihi Beach.

We want our arts to reflect the distinctive life of our District, and also help make it what it is … a prospering region full of diverse, talented people that is growing every day. Through the ‘Portraits of our Place’ initiative the people of Western Bay had their say on matters that concern them – with activities and jobs for our Youth, places to meet and play and the promotion of our towns as a local and tourist destination among the top priorities. Vibrant and welcoming communities are those that foster creative experimentation by encouraging artists, promote participation and bring art and people together in their communities. 

The District wants to put itself on the map for something besides the beaches and beautiful scenery. Arts and culture can be that thing. But it won’t happen by accident, it will only happen by design.

Working Together

We believe that by working in partnership with agencies such as Katch Katikati, Te Puke Arts Society, Priority One, Incubator and our creative communities that together we will create a unique cultural identity and a robust and flourishing creative economy for the sub-region.

We need your help

The Arts and Culture Strategy is our road map so here  is what we’re asking of Western Bay District ratepayers  to help us achieve this goal:

  • We have a huge task at hand delivering on the actions identified in the strategy which all fall under the CUSP pillars. And we can only achieve so much on our own.
  • We are an able and committed board of seven(non-remunerated), and a busy team of three who have demonstrated in 2017 an ability to responsibly manage a large contract within budget and get the desired outcome for the sub-region.
  • We want to do our part and we have absorbed three of our eight lead actions into Business as Usual but we cannot cover 31 actions effectively without some specialist expertise, hence our application to the long-term plan.
  • The strategy - without your support - may not gain the traction it needs. Together with TCC you have invested $100,000 to deliver a blueprint. Your further investment will allow us as a community to monitor it, and deliver on it.

Your Say Matters - Consultation for the Long Term Plan is now open!

This is your opportunity to have your say and support the growth of the arts and culture sector in the Western Bay Of Plenty. 

How to make a submission

Find our more about the submissions and the engagement process

Read more about the submissions here

Have your say on the Long Term Plan and make your submission


Proposal for funding the Western Bay Museum

Council has a role in protecting our District’s cultural heritage. We advocate, and partner with our communities to protect significant cultural and heritage sites and artefacts.

The Western Bay Museum, holds and maintains Council’s heritage collection of approximately 10,000 items in Katikati. The museum runs school programmes throughout the year for the entire District, and occasionally holds concerts and theatre productions.

Read more about the proposal for funding of the Western Bay Museum

Have your say on the Long Term Plan and make your submission